Someone once called me a

"BS buster who makes things make sense"

and that's the highest praise I could imagine for what I do...

And what do I do?

And what do i do?

I give you the power to show the fuck up, unconditionally. 

To step out of society’s box, and set it on fire. 

To take back your space, your voice, and your honesty.

 And I won’t take excuses.
My whole life has lead me to this moment, the sharing of my mission with the world:
To ensure no girl or woman ever again feels like they are “too much” as they are, that they must shrink under the weight of expectation, or ever feel like they need the approval of anyone other than themselves.

If you know me, you’ll know I don’t pull any punches. I’m not a coddler. I tell it like it is.
But I also overflow with compassion, empathy, love, and fierce honesty.

A former black sheep and self-help junkie, I learned very quickly that a lot of the mainstream coaching and support programs out there weren’t made for me because I was different. I wanted MORE than to just change my mindset or think positively. I wanted concrete action steps, and a plan. I wanted someone to hold my hand or hold the space and act as a stand for my growth, no matter how I showed up.

I longed to stop shrinking away from my truth under the weight of expectation (societal, cultural, social).

I wanted to understand who I was after a lifetime spent being a chameleon to fit into whatever environment I was in. I needed to find the missing pieces of myself I had cut away my whole life to fit into the different boxes society kept presenting me with in order to feel loved, accepted and validated.

I searched for years for a self-help program or coach who understood how this all felt. And because I couldn’t find it anywhere…

I created it myself.

When I had my daughters, I vowed that I would never allow them to grow up feeling any of the weight of that life, or to live even a fraction of it themselves.

I have that same desire for you.

Because it’s time to step out of the box and back into your life.