J J Cole Car Seat Cover Review

I finally installed the car seat base last weekend into my vehicle. We purchased the Graco Click Connect travel system (which I’ll review a little later…once we’ve actually used it properly) and so far I love it. We’ve pulled out the car seat and the base and it seems like a very easy click-in / … Read more

Should I Do Stuff? Prepping For D-Day

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

So, as of today, I have exactly THREE weeks before I get induced. Three. Weeks. That’s it. I gotta be honest, I don’t feel ready. Don’t get me wrong…I have all my baby stuff. Car seat, check. Stroller, check. Clothes, check. Tub, check. Blankets, swaddles, soothers, bottles, burp clothes, etc, etc, etc, check! What I … Read more

Just Be.

Three years ago, we were given an amazing opportunity to watch the birth of a monarch butterfly. It was such a cool experience! I had almost forgotten about it until it popped up on my feed in Facebook Memories this morning. I remember bringing the chrysalis home in a jar. It was attached to a … Read more

Who will brave the cold for you?

Yesterday, on the last day of 2016, we attended the funeral of a family friend and member of our community who was courageous, kind, had a ton of sass, and who always reminded us that laughter is the key to surviving hardship. Laughter, and love. Many, many people gathered to say goodbye, despite the biting … Read more

Sarah v.4.1.0 – something newish

In the beginning… I used to have a blog. It was all about living an “effortless” life. I had spent the few years leading up to the development of that old blog delving into self help books and seminars, personal development courses, reading and digesting everything I could about how to be a better person, … Read more