J J Cole Car Seat Cover Review

I finally installed the car seat base last weekend into my vehicle. We purchased the Graco Click Connect travel system (which I’ll review a little later…once we’ve actually used it properly) and so far I love it. We’ve pulled out the car seat and the base and it seems like a very easy click-in / click-out system, so I’m stoked seeing as the one I had 9 years ago required me to have a degree in Seatbelt Origami.

Seatbelt Origami and the blessings of the Lord.

Preparation FTW!

So a couple of weeks ago, I took it to the local fire hall to ensure it was properly installed (a very important step!). I had to go to three different fire halls to find one that had a certified “car seat guy” (I didn’t mind. No, really.) and he not only assured me it was installed correctly, but he taught me how to properly use some of the features (including a neat little knob that allows you to adjust the incline on the seat depending on the age of the infant).

Then, last week, it snowed. Gross.

Not THAT kind of snow…but, same feels.

Now, the most recent advice on car seats for children of any age is to NOT use snow suits and jackets and ski pants while the child is in the car seat because it impacts the effectiveness of the restraint system. So I invested in a car seat cover from J J Cole (this one to be precise) that will not only allow me to keep baby nice and snug while we’re out and about, but means I don’t have to mess around with putting her into a snow suit — which is good.

Check out our review below. Little Potato was very excited to share her thoughts. (As an aside, she’s been amazing! She has learned how to use almost all of the baby gear and insists it be her responsibility to make sure the baby is adequately prepared for any and all scenarios.)


Let us know what you think!

If you’re interested in checking out the J J Cole Car Seat Cover for yourself, click here!

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