Spring Cleaning Yourself: 10 Things to Give Up Now
Photo by niu niu on Unsplash

Now that spring is pretty much in full effect, I’m sure many of us have gone through the ritual of spring cleaning — cleaning the home, cleaning the car, tidying the yard. The idea is to get rid of things that are no longer of use to us so that we can make way for a new season, a fresh start, a lighter load.

But what about you? Have you cleaned up yourself? How many negative habits are you holding onto that you carry with you from year to year that are ultimately weighing you down? So many of us hold onto habits, characteristics, behaviors, usually because we simply always have. More often because we don’t realize consciously that we are engaging in them.

So here are 10 things you need to get rid of today, to lighten the load, cleanse the spirit, and allow you to move forward with fewer negative habits. And maybe even make way for some positive change.

1) Perfectionism

In the real world, no one gets rewarded for being perfect, only for getting things done.

2) Complaining

Shut up and do something about it. If nothing can be done, let it go and move on.

3) Anger

Literally the only person who truly suffers from your anger is you. Whoever you’re mad at has already moved on.

4) Putting Everyone Else Before You

I’m not saying be a selfish, self-centered jerk. But you cannot pour from an empty cup. Self care is a necessity.

5) Being a Martyr

What good is a medal if you had to martyr yourself to get it? In other words, you don’t benefit from it and no one cares that you’ve done it. Also, being a martyr robs others of the ability to give…so really being a martyr is selfish.

6) Blaming Others

The minute you blame anyone else for what you’re going through, you give away any power you have. Take responsibility for your shit, win or lose.

7) Being an Idiot

Don’t drink and drive. Don’t text and drive. Quit smoking. Eat better. Exercise. Get more sleep. You KNOW this, geez. Stop acting like you’re invincible. That would mean you’re special. You’re not special. None of us are.

8) Any Sense of Entitlement

You are owed absolutely nothing in this world, no matter who you are. Nothing. Neither am I. Forget everything that has ever made you think otherwise. You get what you earn. You earn what you work for.

9) Making the Same Mistakes Repeatedly

Everyone makes mistakes. They’re great learning opportunities. But keep making the same ones over and over and they’re no longer mistakes – they’re choices.

10) Curating Your Life

Everything is so heavily curated online these days, it’s hard to tell where real ends and pretend begins. Be real. Not everything needs to look like an ad. Real life is beautifully, wonderfully messy and average. So be real. Try it. It’s liberating.


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