Imposter Syndrome: Can you really beat it?

Imposter syndrome is real. And it’s a pain. Sometimes quite literally. But what is it and why does it exist? We all have things pop up from time to time that trigger feelings of inadequacy. Trust me, no one has their shit together and if they tell you they do, well, they’re full of shit. The truth … Read more

Boundary pushers: why they do it and how to stop them

Well, you did it. You dug deep and identified boundaries that need to be set. You communicated those boundaries to the people that matter. You’re all set. Or so you think. Inevitably, someone in your life will object to a boundary and will push back. They refuse to acknowledge it. Or they disregard it. Or … Read more

The Myth of Balance

What a couple of weeks it’s been. Two weeks ago I had intended to write a post about balance. I’ve decided to try having a theme every week on my blog and Instagram, and balance fits nicely into the theme of “struggle”. But then my Wee Bear started into Leap 7 and began teething. Then … Read more