Imposter Syndrome: Can you really beat it?

Imposter syndrome is real. And it’s a pain. Sometimes quite literally. But what is it and why does it exist? We all have things pop up from time to time that trigger feelings of inadequacy. Trust me, no one has their shit together and if they tell you they do, well, they’re full of shit. The truth … Read more

Quit Fooling Yourself: why you’re a huge hypocrite

You lazy lump Do you know what the opposite of “productivity” actually is? Here’s what had to say on the matter: barren, disadvantageous, fruitless, idle, impotent, inactive, lethargic, useless, valueless, weak, worthless. What?? So I searched for the opposite of “busy”. Here you go: idle, unoccupied, lazy, quiet, inactive. No wonder we feel the … Read more