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Hi, and welcome!

It’s taken me 40+ years to figure out what is most important in life. You want to know the secret? Whatever brings you joy. Here’s my joy, and what this blog is all about:


I’m mom to a pair of gorgeous girls, one a tween and one new to the world. I’ll chronicle my adventures being an older mom (I’m solidly in my 40s) to a new baby starting her journey and to a girl who is entering a new and challenging phase of life, and the lessons they both teach me.


It’s important to me to pass on my life lessons to the girls and women are in my sphere and beyond… they need to know they’re not alone; finding the truth in the overwhelming avalanche of “Insta-motivation” out there that tells us how to live our best life, so long as that life fits whatever the current societal “box” happens to be. So I call myself a “Troothsayer“. I tell it like it is, and hopefully can help you find your truth, too.

Ordinary Moments:

To me, that’s finding joy and satisfaction and happiness in everyday life, ordinary life. Moments with my husband and children, coffee with friends, sitting on the deck in the sunshine, reading a good book, a cool breeze, eating the damn donut.

There’s so much vying for our attention, so much telling us that we need <enter thing here> in order to live a fulfilling and worthy life. I’m here to prove otherwise. The best life is the life I choose to live freely. And I embrace it fully.

So thank you for joining me on my journey. I look forward to sharing with you, and to you sharing with me.

Sarah xo

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