I'm on a mission...

I'm on a Mission...

To help women embrace their voice, and accept who they are as they are, stepping out the box society has put them in and to set the damn box on fire.

As a certified personal and professional development coach since 2004, I’ve been helping women from all walks of life fit back into their lives.

You should never feel that you are too much as you are so you shrink under the weight of expectation…

You should never feel like you need the approval of anyone else to love yourself.

Shot of depressed young woman thinking about her problems while drinking coffee on sofa at home.

If you’re tired of capitulating…

Of never feeling comfortable speaking your mind…

Or of always giving in…

Of feeling like the black sheep because you think or feel differently…

Of being a people pleaser,

If you’re struggling with martyr syndrome, playing small, self-doubt, self-esteem, self-image, lack of confidence, silencing your voice…let’s chat.

Because it’s time to fit back into your life.

Here's how you can work with me...

Here's how you can work with me...


The Foundation Program

A 5-week foundational hybrid program to begin the awakening within you, bringing you back to the person you want to be.


Is this right for me?
This program is wonderful for helping identify your biggest pain points and where the work needs to start, especially if you are new to coaching and know you NEED change, but aren’t sure where that change needs to happen or why.


Mastermind Group Coaching

A 3-month group coaching mastermind program (currently under redevelopment) where we take a deep dive into areas that are more specific to your personal or professional growth, so you can level up your life and your business.


Is this right for me?
This program is perfect if you are already engaging in self-help or personal development and are ready to level it up in a specific area

It’s recommended to sign up for Evolution after you’ve completed the Awakening program because you’ll have the right foundation to build on.


Work with me 1 on 1

A fully customized coaching plan where we meet (virtually) each week for a deep dive session, and you will also have full access to me via Voxer throughout the week as things come up.


Is this right for me?
If you’re ready for complete evolution and want someone to hold your hand and support you completely, keeping you accountable to ensure change, as you work through every area of your life, 1-on-1 coaching is right for you.

It’s recommended that you commit to 3 months in order to see the evolution take place. Should you want to continue working with me 1 on 1 after that initial period you are most welcome to!

Satisfied Clients

Satisfied Clients